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Who is Apax?

We have come to serve students and young professionals globally who are determined to study and live in Australia. Together in one goal, we will provide unique assistance that every aspiring student deserved to have. We can guarantee hands-on support to every case and will always find ways to have a positive result.


“Education is the best tool for every success,”- this saying is what Jack and Eden strongly believed in their lifetime. It has always been their dream to inspire others and also sought to be an inspiration to the diversity of people they met, thus the birth of Apax Education and Visa Consultancy.

They both proven the expertise in business planning and management from their previous endeavour. This company then became their ultimate goal in life. From their wide range of expertise in different fields, they come up in creating a unique venue to share knowledge and experiences. Hearing every story and help them how to win such valuable and abundant opportunities in Australia as a migrant are such an important role for them.

To realize this vision, this company strongly believed that planning and directing one’s pathway was the most beneficial. This aims a promise that everything will be possible. Not just a promise, but a resolution to spread the knowledge of best possible way either to mentor those with goals and expectations in their future.


We have come to serve the students and young professionals globally who are determined to study and live in Australia. Together, with one goal, we can provide unique assistance that every aspiring student deserved to have. We can guarantee hands-on support to every case and will always find ways to have a positive result. Choosing an educational pathway is a sensitive process that requires strategies and this is our forte.

Our services are not limited to proper guidance and processing of visas, but also in giving opportunities to those who are confident international students and graduates to use their skills through the help of our internal and external business partners.


Apax Education and Visa Consultancy have the vision to be excellent in providing unparalleled assistance and guidance to every international student finding the right way fulfilling their dreams of studying and living in Australia. Our priority is to give quality service, that we can have exceptional contributions to other’s victory. Being honest but tactful, we believe is the best way of communication for a better understanding towards the best decision.

Karng, Jack


Coming to Australia at an early age, I was nurtured and supported by this country’s educational system and have successfully adapted to the lifestyle of an Australian citizen. I have established various businesses all over Australia- export/import trade, coffee shops, restaurants, printing stores, and construction companies. During this time, I was driven by my underlying passion to help others on different platforms. Although I did this consistently with those who needed my help, to settle in Australia comfortably with a stable income, I felt that I could do more on a wider scale.

My experience in the CFMEU ( Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union) as an NSW organizer for the tiling sector, and my appointment by the Commonwealth of Australia as an Industrial Relations Officer has further supported my fervor to help migrants seeking a positive start in Australia. I am also immense exposure in promoting the Department of Immigration campaign about Temporary Work ( Skilled) visa (subclass 457) to stop the illegal practice of workers without appropriate documents and also participated in the meeting for this agenda with the former Chief Minister of Immigration in 1999.

Intelligence through education is wired to find things we’re looking for, if you’re always cynical or waiting for this to happen, then it will reflect your life. There is no perfect road to anything. One thing at a time, all things in succession. In Apax Education and Visa Consultancy, we are welcoming aspiring students and young people to share every story and let us guide you in achieving your ambition.

“Your goal is our way. Right guidance to the right pathway is our priority. We will define your future-dream now, believe now, and achieve it tomorrow “

Coronel, Eden Villafranca

Managing Director

I chose this country because of the quality of the education system. The strong academic credentials that you will gain if you have the chance to study in Australia always come with prestige. The exciting and overwhelming experience will bring you to a new life. The cost of living is very competitive among other rich countries. A lot of opportunities coming along your way, you just need to choose the right direction. Not only that but the government is also very welcoming to all nationalities that made Australia a multicultural society, a home of the best minds in the world.

“Through the help of Apax Education and Visa Consultancy, my eagerness to continuously provide better assistance to share my knowledge and experiences for aspiring student and migrants, who’s looking for an opportunity for a brighter outside their motherland will still continue”

Augustine, Reena

Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1574327)

Migrating to other country allows millions of people to see knew opportunities. It is the most effective way for economic growth, dynamism and understanding. Australia of what we know is the best place to relocate. From standard of health, comfort, education, family, employment, freedom andreligious belief are all positive feature of the Australian society. As a migration lawyer, my wisdom is to cater those who are dreaming of living in this land of opportunities. My professional experience is my evidence to prove my intuitive capability of bringing the best result in every case that comes along. I am very precise, straight to the point in all aspect of migration consultation. This is the most important part of the process as this is the start ofy our dream into a reality.

In Apax Education and Visa Consultancy, I will be able to implement my techniques and the art of handling each circumstance. My strategy is genuine and true. You will not regret that once at your life, you have the opportunity to be mentored by me.

Bernardo, PJ

Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1804722)

Relocating to and settling in a new country is a journey that is different to everybody. Migration is essentially coming to the right place at the right time. Australia has a lot to offer – one of the world’s 20 happiest countries by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network; four Australian cities (Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane) dominate the top 10 list of world’s most liveable cities by The Global Liveability Index 2021; and 22 nd in World Competitiveness Ranking in 2021, among others; making it a country of choice for many immigrants.

It gives me pleasure to have an alliance with a team that helps people realise their dreams of living in Australia.

Meet Our APAX Team

Nataya, Allan

Business Development Manager

DREAM. BELIEVE. ACHIEVE. Keep your dreams alive. Stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn. Believe how realistic and measurable your dreams could be, work hard, and never give up on your dreams, even when nobody else believes they can come true but you. These are not clichés but real tools you need no matter what you do in life to stay focused on your path. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things can be achieved for those who has a dream and for those who believe.

APAX Education and Visa Consultancy truly epitomises this mantra. While we keep on motivating every JUAN to believe in the power of their dreams, we at APAX are committed in helping them realised it. While helping others reached their dreams, through our carried mission, guarantee an improvement not only in their lives but of their families, its greatest reward is the enrichment and new meaning it brings into our own lives. We’ve achieved “The Australian Dream”, we feel it’s our duty to pass on the torch and help others achieved their vision too, especially the youth. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Jamilano, Jelika Anne

HR Officer / Visa Process

The path in achieving goals might be long and bumpy, but trust in Apax, and we will journey with you. Move forward with us and experience hand-in-hand service and support. In the end, we will reach our common destination, welcome beautiful beginnings, and celebrate life and its success. See you at Apax and see your dreams come true.

Gamboa, Gia Mae

Marketing and Training Officer (Product)

I would like to pay it forward by helping others, however small it may be. One can never go wrong if one puts their trust in APAX. It’s not just a name; it’s a ball of intellect that radiates positivity to all dedicated young minds. We will always welcome you with open arms, support you all throughout your journey, and will celebrate every little success with you.

Alforque-Ygay, Mica Lezah

Admin and Student Assistant

"Coming to Australia as a student, alone in a foreign place with no support and relying solely on myself, is a challenging situation for a student like myself. When APAX started, we knew exactly what we wanted to accomplish: provide unique assistance to students. My role as a support student made me wish the agency had existed years ago so that I could have had this kind of help when I first arrived. At APAX, we treat each application as if it were our own. We guarantee that you will never be alone on your journey, and that APAX will always be there for you."

Malaqui, Vanessa

Education Marketing Consultant

Reaching your goals may be a long process but with passion and determination in the end it will all be worth it. It may be a complex process, but Apax got you covered. Together we will reach our common goal and let us make your “Australian Dream” happen.

Caballe, Aniway

Education Marketing Consultant

Great things start from small beginnings. The joy of helping others achieve their dreams and believe in their first small steps have always been the reason why I pursue this profession.

Abarico, Dabe Rosal

Education Marketing Consultant

Through the opportunities this company has provided, APAX had been of great help to every individual who wanted to chase their dream of having a better life. I can guarantee you that we at APAX will give our full support throughout your journey.

Avellana, Alexandra Nicholle

Junior Accountant

To be successful, one must know what he desires and should know how to do it. Dreams, goals and journey. And here in APAX, we will help you figure out exactly what you want to do and together we will achieve success. Let us make everyone’s dream and goals come true. Be APAX and let’s journey together.

Salaysay, Javi Marie

Visa Documentation Assistant

Apax Education and Visa Consultancy shares the same mission as me. To be able to help aspiring students achieve continuous and progressive growth in their academic pursuit is also what I am also driven to accomplish. It has always been a fascination to me on how important a supplementary academic learning is. Ever since I was a child, I have always been motivated to achieve a higher level of knowledge in different aspects. My interest on both academic learning and supporting aspirants led me to Apax. With my accompanying knowledge on administrative tasks and my innate communication skills, I am confident to be able to offer my utmost guidance and performance. I know that Apax and I can bring the best out of each other.

Meet The APAX Ambassadors


Jabines, Judy Zean
Davao, Philippines
Lintuan, Che Ann
Davao, Philippines
Duropan, Eloisa
Ilocos Norte, Philippines
Bermillo, Frances Carmela
Ilocos Norte, Philippines
Ello, Bhea Brooks
Cebu, Philippines
Lanas, Cheleney
Cebu, Philippines
Yapo, Krismary Sharmaine
Ilocos Norte, Philippines
Miranda, Ann Marielle
Iloilo, Philippines
Idnay, Kristoffer
Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Singapore and Myanmar

Myo Min Oo
Endriga, Laurice
Baguio, Mary Gellie


Perez, Avon
Espartero, Nikka Mae


Dela Peña, Geneva


Rosquillo, Esther Faith


Cañada, Ma Sofia


Limbu, Ash

Meet the APAX Business Partners

Matorre Visa Consultancy ( MVC) – Iloilo

MVC – Iloilo trusted Apax Education goodwill and aspiration. They aimed to deliver quality service to those who are willing to explore studying in other countries such as Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. MVC- Iloilo didn’t hesitate to partner with Apax Education believing that a dream of one person can be achieved in due time.

Skill Mastery Institute (SMI) – Cagayan de Oro

SMI is perceived as a leading provider of technical education in Mindanao, the Philippines highly preferred by applicants, employers, and industry partners for its image of quality, reliability, relevance, and leadership in higher qualifications and specialized fields. Apax Education was chosen by SMI to guide their graduates who have dreams to acquire international qualifications in a first-world country. SMI and Apax are aggressively promoting Transnational Education as they grow and prosper together.