Do you still process visa amidst the pandemic?

Yes. Australian Immigration has recommenced the visa processing from 23 July 2020. There are some delays due to the volume of applications but it is happening.

Apax never stopped accommodating applications during the pandemic, consequently our visa processing department is continuing the operations.

Where are your offices located?

Our Australian offices are located in Brisbane and Hobart, but there will be new offices established in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney in 2021.

We also have offices in the Philippines but some of them are temporarily closed due to this pandemic. We are fully operational online.

Our schools and colleges are spread out across major cities in Australia, covering most courses in demand by international students.

What is the total cost?

Our cost is divided into

Processing Fee: varies between onshore and offshore and depends on the condition of the contract.

Initial Tuition fee deposit ( COE Fee), it varies from each colleges and promotions (refundable)

Overseas Student Health Coverage: varies but normally $1050 per person for two years (refundable)

Medical Examination Fee : it varies from each countries but in general, it’s approximately $210.00

Immigration Department lodging fee: $630 per single $1100 for couple

Do you require IELTS?

IELTS is mandatory if you apply for Bachelor or Masters course. Also, Health related courses such as Nursing, will require IELTS Scores.

For Vocational Courses (VET) mostly, schools conduct their own in-house English Test to gauge your English Proficiency.

Non-English speaking applicants will need to study English course to be able to study Vocational or Higher Education but students from the Philippines or other English taught countries can be waived through documentations.

Please consult our counsellors for your requirements.

Do you require Show Money?

Evidence of Financial capacity is sometimes referred to as ‘Show Money. The intention of Show money is really to justify to Australian Immigration that you have the financial capacity to pay your tuition fee and also the living cost during your study. Depending on the country of your origin and the level of study you are intending. There are many ways to provide your documentation and evidence. During your consultation and the application process, Apax Consultants’ will assist and advise all the necessary requirements are needed based on your circumstances.

What are the available courses?

We can offer all major popular courses in demand and we can also assist in any field or specific courses that you want to study. Apax can assist all our students from Certificate to Master courses.

Please consult with our Counsellors to help you choose the right course for your successful career path and dream.

Where are your schools/Colleges/Universities located?

Our colleges cover most of the major cities across Australia. Even if we do not have an agency agreement with the desired school of your choice, we can still assist you to process and enrol at your desired RTO. Please seek an advice from our Qualified Education Counsellors to deliver your dream in Australia.

What if our Visa application is refused? Can we re-lodge?

Unexpected results may happen. At Apax, we always believe that never giving up on your hopes is start of your success. We strongly encourage our applicants to re-lodge with enhanced documentation outlined by the immigration. As our commitment to our professional service, we do not charge any further processing fees to re-lodge. The only fee that you need to pay is another Immigration lodging fee of AU$630.00. Generally, there is no set time frame for you to re-lodge. We usually lodge after any further documents are enhanced.

Can we get a refund?

In any case, should you wish to withdraw your application and cease to further proceed, you will get any tuition fee paid fully refunded and your OSHC fees.

What is the time frame of the processing?

It will depend on the applicant’s country of origin and it will depend on the course that you will take.

Another important factor is the preparation of the documents and evidence provided by the applicant.

Strengthening the documentation is always very important and our experienced processing department will guide you through from A-Z of the processing. The frequency of Immigration processing for decision making can also be the factor. In general we look at approximately

5-6 months of the total process.

So, how do I start the process?

Once you have been consulted about the course you have been offered and you are ready to proceed, you simply have to deposit the processing fee. Send us a copy of the receipt and our processing department will send you an acknowledgement of the receipt and the list of the requirements. You will be fully guided from A-Z by our friendly and professional staff.

What happens after you have a visa approval?

Congratulations! You are finally on your way to Australia to start the exciting journey. Our Processing Department will send you the copy of the approval letter. You will need to visit your nearest Apax office to have pre-departure orientation. We will guide you what to prepare. Don’t worry we will be all the way with you!

What Do I have to prepare for my post arrival in Australia?

Once you have purchased your airflight ticket, please notify our Apax staff and we will organize your free Airport Pick up and also we will organize an accommodation upon your arrival!

Remember that Apax will assist and guide you until you are settled to your Australian environment. Our Australian Office will guide and assist you intensively for 4 weeks upon your arrival and monitor you for 3 months.

Do Apax help us to find jobs in Australia?

Absolutely yes. Our Apax staff will help you to write resumes, introduce you to job offerings. We help every student to find jobs successfully. Remember that you are in good hands of Apax!

DREAM BELIVE ACHIEVE through Apax Education and Visa Consultancy!